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Directly support the activities of our Committees as they put the CPA Mission into action.

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  • Education - The Education committee ensures that educational programs and initiatives such as webinars, conferences, and programs incorporate psychological theory, mental health practice, and the full understanding of the human person, family, and society in fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • Webinar - The Webinar committee oversees the process related to selection of topics/speakers for webinars as well as the creation and facilitation of webinars made available on the CPA website.
  • Conference - The Conference committee plans and executes the annual CPA conference in conjunction with the Education committee to identify exceptional speakers and presentations to maximize formative material and CE offerings.
  • Journal - The Journal committee collaborates with the publisher, editors, and editorial board in planning, decision-making, and implementation towards the publishing of Integratus, the CPA's peer-reviewed, professional journal.
  • Membership - The Membership committee ensures the benefits provided help members grow and thrive and oversees membership growth initiatives.
  • Region Reps - Region Representatives strengthen and expand the CPA in their geographic region and spread information about the CPA and its mission.
  • Ethics - the Ethics committee maintains the CPA's Code of Ethics and applies the values and principles for the professional conduct of members through case review and education.


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