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2020 CPA Conference: Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction and Behavior (SSA) and the Priesthood: Charity, Discernment and Treatment

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This presentation will address how to understand and serve professionally – or pastorally – (pre-)seminarians and priests who experience unwanted (ego-dystonic) same-sex attraction and behavior. Common pre-existing and/or co-occurring bio-psycho-social-behavioral factors that may have influenced them to develop and/or maintain SSA and consequences and/or co-occurring difficulties of experiencing or enacting SSA will be discussed. Therapeutic and other professional services and religious and spiritual resources and activities, which have been shown to be helpful for persons trying to manage and/or resolve unwanted SSA, will be described.

Learning Objectives:

  • What bio-psycho-social-behavioral factors may have influenced him to develop and/or maintain SSA?
  • What are common co-occurring conditions or difficulties?
  • What therapeutic and other resources have been shown to be effective for helping persons manage and resolve unwanted SSA?

This program does not qualify for NBCC credits