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2020 Webinar Series: Emotionally Focused Therapy in a Catholic Context

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Mrs. Nissa Chadwick
3 Hours
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Nissa Chadwick, MA, LMFT, begins this presentation with a discussion of what Emotionally Focused Therapy is. She includes a discussion of basic attachment, a sampling of the research that supports the efficacy of EFT, the objectives of EFT, and the basic methods or techniques of EFT. 

The second portion of her discussion addresses the Catholic view of marriage. Her discussion will include the origins of marriage in Genesis, including how this demonstrate the primacy of attachment, marriage as a sacrament, and a brief discussion of Theology of the Body.

Third, she discusses how and why EFT and a Catholic view of marriage coincide so nicely. She addresses how and why the emotional intimacy that EFT promotes is also to be a reflection of the intimacy (and ultimately union) that God desires with us. As we learn to be vulnerable and naked with each other, our vulnerability and nakedness in front of God, in prayer, can also increase – and this is bidirectional too. This is how and why for the Catholic couple discussing their sacramental life, their prayer life, and even Discernment of Spirits can be helpful because as they get in right relationship with God this will help then get into right relationship with one another, and vice versa.

Lastly, she presents a brief case study.

This program does not qualify for NBCC credits