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2021 CPA Conference: CPA and the Biblical Wisdom Tradition: Toward Understanding and Benefiting from Religious Experience: Theory and Practice.

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Deacon Raymond Biersbach
1.5 Hours
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Find out why religious experiences are a fit study for Catholic psychotherapists. Discover the implications of language and culture mediating spiritual experiences for everyone. Interested? Then aim to hear how to become a therapist competent in short-term tactics and long-term strategies for assisting clients of all types with their religious experiences. 

3 Objectives to be Learned During this Presentation. 

  • Cite three reasons why religious experiences are a fit study for Catholic psychotherapist.
  • Name three implications of language and culture mediating religious experiences.
  • Cite two short-term tactics and two long-term strategies for Catholic psychotherapists motivated to develop competence in “hearing” and integrating client religious experiences.

This program does not qualify for NBCC credits



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Ray Biersbach, PhD, Author

Ray Biersbach has been a Catholic deacon since 1982. His ministry work has included service to a range of people. He practiced psychotherapy for 40 years, 30 of those as a licensed psychologist. He has performed research, taught at the masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels. He has served as director of clinical programs and retired as the psychology administrator for a New Jersey hospital for the seriously and chronically mentally ill. He currently writes full-time on the connection between psychotherapy and faith. He lives near Seattle with his wife of 46 years and has three grown children.