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2021 CPA Conference: Psychotherapy: Healing the Soul, Wisdom of the Holy Fathers.

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Dr. Donna Dobrowolsky
1.5 Hours
Audio and Video
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The term psychotherapy is derived from the Greek psyche meaning “soul,” and therapeia, meaning “healing”. For the ancient Fathers, the human person and psychological functions are intimately connected with an understanding of salvation as healing: a return to humanity’s original creation in the image and likeness of God.

3 Objectives to be Learned During this Presentation. 

  • Participants will be able to deepen their integrative view of the person from the lens of Patristic anthropology.
  • Participants will recognize how the profound insights offered by the Desert Fathers and Mothers can be integrated into the human condition and its potential for transformation.
  • Participants will have a better appreciation of how Patristic teachings and practices can be integrated with contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches to address the challenges of the new century.

This program does not qualify for NBCC credits