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2022 CPA Conference: Psychotherapist, Heal Thyself! Tailoring Practical Human Formation Plans for Catholic Therapists Now

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Peter Malinoski Ph.D.
1.5 Hours
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Catholic clinicians experience high levels of stress due to the intense nature of our work and other life demands. The secular professional literature focuses on stress reduction through external systemic change, cognitive approaches and clinician lifestyle change but largely ignores the underlying human formation of the clinician. This presentation defines human formation grounded in a Catholic anthropology and reviews the main reasons why solid human formation is so critical for Catholic clinicians. Through lecture, examples, experiential exercises, Q&A and discussion, Catholic clinicians recognize gaps in their human formation and walk through the process of creating the first draft of their own Personal Human Formation Plan. Finally, we focus on how to use the PHFP on an ongoing basis, oriented toward lasting change via better human formation.

Target Audience: Catholic clinicians (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marital and family therapists, graduate students and others) who are engaged in direct client services 

Course Content Level: Beginner

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recite the definition of human formation and the importance of human formation in their personal and professional lives, and the core elements of a Personal Human Formation Plan (PHFP).
  • Identify at least two gaps in their own human formation, writing them down at the beginning of their own PHFP.
  • Collect three to five additional components to their own PHFP, bringing it to an initial completion and be ready to begin using the plan on a daily basis, modifying it as necessary.

This program does not qualify for NBCC credits


Peter Malinoski Ph.D.'s Profile

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Souls and Hearts

Peter Malinoski, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and co-founder and president of Souls and Hearts, which brings the best of human formation resources grounded in a Catholic understasnding of the human person to the internet.  Through his podcast Interior Integration for Catholics,, his weekly reflections, and through his leadership of the Resilient Catholics Community, he helps Catholics overcome the natural-level human formation deficits and obstacles so that they can experience greater interior integration and unity, freeing them to receive love and to love God, others and self in a more more ordered way.  This opens the door for a much deeper and more intimate union with God in the three Persons of the Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. 


He provides training, human formation and consultation for about 50 Catholic therapists online in the Interior Therapist Community. His monthly podcast is
through which he addresses the tough psychological issues Catholics face.  Dr. Malinoski and his wife Pam have seven children and an infant grandson.  He also has a private practice.  In his free time also enjoys raising animals, vegetables, and fruits on his small farm.