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Dr. Eric Gudan, HSPP

Integritas Psychological Services, Inc

Dr. Eric Gudan received his Doctorate in Psychology from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences and has provided therapy for over fifteen years. He brings a broad experience as a clinician to address anxiety and depression, is EMDR trained, and has trauma informed training using parts language. He has worked extensively and presented professionally on strategies for men struggling with sexual compulsivity, specializing in pornography addiction. Throughout his clinical work, he has specialized in the integration of the science of psychology and the truths of the Catholic faith, utilizing sound therapeutic techniques from the perspective of the richness of the Christian tradition. He has presented at the national meetings of the Society for Personality Assessment and the Catholic Psychotherapy Association regarding a variety of assessment and psychotherapeutic issues. He has experience with comprehensive, multimodal personality assessment batteries, including vocational assessments for several dioceses and religious orders. 

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