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Ms. Rachel Gardner

New Life Counseling Center

Greetings! I primarily work with individual adults and with families. I am skilled in resourcing families in tough situations. I coach parents facing diverse challenges ranging anywhere from withdrawn or rebellious teens to anxious children, from parental conflict to just feeling plain stuck as a family.

Having over ten years of cumulative experience in the mental health field, I also provide treatment for grief and intense forms of anxiety and depression. I am EMDR trained and thus able to incorporate healing from moments of crisis or traumatic events.

My counseling approach is Bowen Family Systems, which means that whether you are seeking individual or family treatment, we may explore how family of origin dynamics contribute to the current issue at hand. Bowen Theory has proven itself to be an incredibly efficient “road map” for getting unstuck - I have witnessed countless families discover new options in facing old problems.

Additionally, I work at a counseling center that prioritizes the integration of clinical counseling theory and theology and am privileged to be able to share such an integrated approach with anyone who requests it.

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2020 CPA Conference: Rebuilding the Domestic Church: Applied Bowen Family Systems

Ms. Rachel Gardner
1.5 Hours
Audio and Video
$120.00 - Non-member Price

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